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Brought to you by the
2010 Morningside Elementary 
Kid's Classroom Art 
Auction Coordinator 

                 Evelyn Edmeades

Two Dimensional Wall Art:

A Collection of Drawings by a Class – Have each child draw what they want to be when they grow up on a piece of paper about 2"x2" or 3"x3".  Assemble pictures in a grid around a poem and frame.  Or decoupage onto gallery wrapped canvas or any other surface.

Andy Warhol-style self-portraits - Each student paints a self-portrait on a 6-inch by 8-inch hard canvas using a palette of acrylic paint in the blues and greens family. These are then mounted to a larger pre-stretched canvas with thick double-stick tape. 

Weather watercolors - Using oil pastels and watercolors, children each create a framed piece based on a class study of weather. The panels are themed Windy, Snowy, Cloudy, Rainy, and Sunny. The works are mounted and set in maple frames. 

Class Dress Up Photos - Take hats, boas, suit coats and ties and dress the kids up.   Take lots of black and white photos of them on the playground as well as a class picture and individuals. Decopauge a black trunk with the playground photos covering the inside lid - the class photo in the center. The outside had the individual photos of each child. Have each child write on a 3 x 5 index card what they want to be when they grow up and add to the individual photos or put inside the trunk. 

Painted Furniture:

Unfinished bookcases and child chairs -  Decorate in a different theme i.e., Monet, Rainbow Fish, abstract art. The items should be signed on the back by the students.

Hand-painted wooden toy boxes – Paint or decorate the outside with a theme and have each child bring in a new item to put in the toy boxes.

Game trunk - Painted or decoupage  and fill with family board games. 

Black and white game table  Paint a checker board in the center of the table.  Have a parent take  pictures of all the kids (2 or 3 poses each including the teachers) and print them on paper (B and W), 20 or 30 of each picture. Then have the kids cut them out and decoupage the table and chair seats with their pictures.  

Animal bookshelf  - An unfinished wooden bookshelf is painted white. The top, sides, and the front of each shelf are decorated with pictures of animals drawn by the children. The animals are cut out and glued to the bookshelf with several coats of sealant.   

Painted Garden Furniture - Adirondack chairs, picnic table, garden bench, flower box... Paint it with a bird theme, perhaps  a bird form each state .  Tile side tables -  each student  paints a tile.

Thumbprint stepstool -  Decorated using paints and markers. Each child adds his thumbprint, which is turned into an animal by the teacher using markers. 

Painted / Decorated Items:

Wooden bird houses, large terra cotta pots, mailboxes, mirrors, vinyl shower curtains.........

Shower curtain - Divide a clear shower curtain into 24 squares, one for each student and an extra to write the class number and year. Each child uses colored permanent markers to draw a self-portrait in his square. 

Alphabet mirror - A standard white door mirror is decorated around the edges with the first initial of each child in the class. The students paint wooden letters and decorate them with colored rhinestones. The letters are coated and sealed with shiny sealant and glue around the mirror with a glue gun. 

Kite - Designed and constructed by a parent with nylon and wood. Each child designs a felt symbol of identity, which was then sewed to the kite. Although meant to be displayed, it should also actually fly. 

Raining Cats and Dogs Umbrella - Have the children draw on or paint an umbrella with pictures of cats and dogs.  Practice first on paper, then transfer to umbrella.  

Decoupage pewter trays -  Pewter trays sprayed with primer and covered with enamel paint. Student drawings (copied and reduced to 2-inch-by-3-inch rectangles) are sprayed with clear acrylic, then attached and sealed. 

Decoupage Item -  (clock, tray, furniture, mirror, etc.) Use  mini photos of class members and add a themed decoupage and decorative script.

Stepping stones -   Use pre-purchased stones and decorate with tiles, mosaic or paint.

Mosaic Birdbath  Line the inside of the birdbath with pieces of colored glass and on the outside make bugs out of the kid’s  thumb prints using acrylic paint.  Seal with clear cement sealer.

Craft / Handmade Items:

White Apron & Cookie Jar - Use different color paints, and a teacher (or class mom) helps each child put their handprint on the apron. The adult then writes the child's name under the handprint.  Could also accompany a painted cookie jar.  Use a sponge cut in a circle to make the shape of the cookie and have each child decorate their cookie.

Patch-Grade Quilt - each class member designs a square for grade quilt, (can pre-select fabrics, but adornments are individualized) teacher or parent needs to assemble.

Magic Carpet – Take  a rectangle carpet square sample and have the  class decorate it with "jewels" and sequins and paint.  Have the kids take  turns being the star of the week and sit on this magic carpet during reading time, etc.  Get them excited about it before the auction.

Simple Quilt – Made out of  bed sheets and handprints.  Take a picture of all the kids sitting on the quilt and blow up to poster size to accompany the quilt  at the auction.  

Memory Book -  Great for older kids who have been at the school a while.  Have each student create one 12x12 scrapbook page. All pages are then slid into page protectors and put into a nice scrapbook binder. Many students have attended the school since kindergarten and this is the parent’s last chance for a final memento.

Word Slam: CD of poems - Have a parent record each child reading a favorite poem he/she has written. CDs are burned with the poetry interspersed with musical interludes. Another parent takes photos of each child to create a CD cover with their pictures.  CDs can be sold in advance of or at the auction. 

These  ideas are intended to inspire you to create your own project.  Step by step instructions are not available for these projects.   If you need more information visit the tips and links page on this website or try to google the materials and techniques.